Helping businesses dramatically improve their product and manufacturing performance!!!


Advanced Response Engineering (A.R.E.) is a technical training and engineering consulting business that specializes in the following fields:

    • Design of Experiments Training (Instructor is Adjunct Professor for UCI & UCSD)
    • Essential Statistics Training
    • Product Development & Performance Optimization
    • Process Development & Performance Optimization
    • Six Sigma Solutions
    • Automation Consulting

Advanced Response Engineering helps companies solve problems and implement innovative methodologies such as Design of Experiments (DOE), Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.

Benefits to your organization are:

    • Increased profits
    • Predictability and stability of your product and manufacturing performance
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Increased yields
    • Alleviate firefighting and CAPAs
    • Increased manufacturing capacity
    • Reduced lead-times, inventories, and costs
    • Reduced STRESS for a friendlier workplace environment
    • ETC.

Advanced Response Engineering can work alone under management's direction or with your personnel to immediately improve your business performance. The basic elements of these methodologies can be implemented rather quickly. Financial benefit for your business will be immediate and significant.