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Abridged Lean Six Sigma Training & Optimization Project:

Six Sigma methodology is a management strategy to use best industry practices, statistical tools and project work to achieve breakthrough gains in profitability and quality by reducing variation in product and process performance. The DMAIC Six Sigma methodology consists of the following five phase problem solving process:

    • DEFINE what you’re going to improve
    • MEASURE the current process performance
    • ANALYZE generated data and establish the improvement plan
    • IMPROVE the process performance and measure the benefits
    • CONTROL the future process to sustain improvements

A Six Sigma Program can be sensibly implemented one project at a time in both the R&D and Manufacturing Departments. Advanced Response Engineering’s (A.R.E.) approach is to first conduct custom Abridged Lean Six Sigma Training with our client’s selected personnel. Next identify a project with significant payback to optimize and form a small cross-functional core team of the client’s personnel that will be led by an A.R.E. facilitator. The team will address each of the five Six Sigma DMAIC process steps while utilizing the recently taught optimization methods and statistical tools until the project is completed. This approach is intended to teach the client’s personnel how to use the best industry practices and proven tools to identify an optimization opportunity, quantify the savings and successfully complete the project to deliver significant payback for the client.

Generally, a Six Sigma Project requires cross-functional and cross-departmental support to be successful. Management’s support is necessary to ensure that appropriate personnel and resources are available as needed. Thus Upper Management’s support is essential to create a successful Six Sigma Program.

Training is customized to meet the client’s needs!